Breaking down information silos to help you discover new insights


We search for meaning, not words

UNSILO provides modern search and discovery services. Our analytics engine uses pervasive semantics and machine learning to extract the substance of every document we examine. Rather than just counting the words, we capture a multitude of underlying ideas and connections, and when we find a relevant document for you, we’ll show you why it’s important.

If a doctor searches for “insulin insensitivity in obese children”, UNSILO will find phrases that have the same meaning, such as “overweight girls with reduced hormone responses”. UNSILO can find all documents that mention obese children, even when authors use words like heavy, pudgy, or corpulent in reference to youngsters, adolescents or teens.

New insights from unexpected sources

Traditional keyword search assumes that the best answer to your question must be the most popular document that contains your exact search phrase. But new insights often come from unexpected sources, written by people with a different perspective, who use different words to describe the solution you seek. UNSILO can help you gain those new insights.

UNSILO works in multiple industries

Our analytics engine can make sense of any large collection of text documents, and we are working with several industries to develop specialized products that provide real-time actionable insights.


UNSILO helps researchers find newly published relevant articles faster, with a particular focus on the problem of identifying parallel research of similar ideas.

Knowledge Management

UNSILO helps research managers find experts and compose project teams, and helps corporate researchers discover related content in local knowledge repositories.

Legal Services

UNSILO supports attorneys, paralegals, and legal researchers when predicting outcomes and finding precedent in case law archives.

Intellectual Property

UNSILO assists patent attorneys and intellectual property agents with prior art discovery and landscape mapping, to support IP strategy decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

UNSILO increases the productivity of customer help desk services by mapping new inquiries to existing FAQs and previously resolved Issues in knowledge repositories.

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